/1/ DIRTY (Online screening at Hong Kong Arts Festival 2021)

Dirty is a virtual body dialogue between two choreographers Dever Chan (Hong Kong) and Gong Zhonghui (Guizhou) after the cancellation of their stage performance due to COVID-19. This is a documentary dance film that compiles Zoom conversation, voice messages, text messages, and recording of dance footages. 

“Inspired by the clash of values inherent in the Putonghua word deti (proper) and its English phonetic equivalent “dirty”, the two creators explore societal restrictions on the body while invoking the wild, animalistic origins of movement.”

Director / DOP / Editor Stephanie Chung

(Hong Kong)
Choreographer Dever Chan
Deputy Producer Asia Chow

(Gui Zhou) 
Choreographer Gong Zhong-hui
Cinematographer Huang You-pin
Executive Choreographer He Huan

Co-produced with Young Artists Platform (Beijing)


Filmed with Venerable Dhammadipa and  Tsz Shan Monastery exploring the practice of Metta and our capacity for loving kindness for ourselves, others, and for the world. “When we have faith, we can do wonders.”

/3/ BEYOND THE SKIN [Exhibition at .JPG CAFE HONG KONG – 10/17/2017-12/7/2017]

Time was when inking the skin was traditionally a male-oriented culture and was a sign of a rebel or gang affiliation in Hong Kong. Today, things have changed a little, and with burgeoning interest in this body art, recent years have seen a growth of female tattoo artists in the city.

Behind the cool face and the kick-ass attitude, these female artists have overcome challenges to become who they are today. Deep-rooted stereotyping still exists, so do misconception, discouragement and frustration. For them, tattoo is an art, a lifestyle, an expressive storytelling medium, and it is genderless. What matters most is the thought, effort and aesthetic that they put into inking the skin. It is uniquely beautiful.

Throughout this process, if there is one person to thank for guiding, supporting and inspiring, who would that be? From mother, boyfriends, husband, to mentors, each artist is thankful for that person who stands beside to encourage as she continues to influence and impact the others with her unique work of body art.

紋身不分身份,階級,職業;紋身師, 更不分性別。近年來我們見證著不少本地女紋身師的誕生,不同的創意風格為紋身文化揭開新的一章。

個性派女生, 骨子裡帶著不理世人眼光的態度。興趣勝於一切 - 講究的,是刺進皮膚底下後的一筆一畫能否帶出刻骨銘心的故事。她們孤高傲骨的背後,是面對過入行時的各種打擊,看盡別人異樣的目光, 聽盡旁人的冷言冷語。無奈於不少香港人對紋身行業的誤解,卻仍絲毫不減對這門藝術的熱情。

這到底還是要感謝身邊的那個人,在 啟發創作的同時,讓自己不至於在迷惘中彷徨;感謝那個人,讓自己可以更有動力地透過獨一無二的紋身作品, 加深其他人對這行業的認知; 感謝那個人,讓自己可以卸下剛強的面具, 表露出最真實的一面。


Featured on SCMP



“Our souls crave intimacy” – Erwin Raphael McManus

We learn to love in order to make love last. A complicated one lesson to learn, and yet it’s this involuntary drive that makes all worthwhile.

Strong and beautiful, raw and real, this photo series demonstrates the power of image representation in capturing the strong desire for emotional intimacy between a loving couple. The bonding that builds the foundation of strength, trust, and respect. Meanwhile, it exudes the irony of vulnerability, the spirit of carefreeness, and the sense of defencelessness – all that transcends in time.

Joanne and Benjamin met in Sydney and have been together for one year and seven months. They now reside in Hong Kong.